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# Spindarella's Monsters

In Spindarella's Monsters, you create giant insect abominations and lead them into battle to impress a pretty spider lady.

## Combat encounters

The goal is to destroy the enemy units (the blue, darker ones) before they destroy yours (the red, lighter ones).

Position your units such that damage-dealing parts are adjacent to enemy units, while protecting your units' legs and wings. Be careful; your units can attack each other!

You can get more info about each part by hovering over it with the cursor.

* Move the cursor: WASD / Arrow keys / Mouse cursor / Left joystick / D-pad
* Select or move unit: Space bar / Left click / A button
* Unselect unit: Escape / Q / Right click / B button
* End turn: Return / "END TURN" on-screen button / Y button
* If playing with a mouse, you can move the camera by moving the cursor to the edge of the game window

Make sure you keep attacking! Units who haven't attacked in a long time will begin to starve!

If you get stuck in a stalemate, you can keep ending your turn until your units or the enemy units all starve.

## Combine units

After each combat encounter, you will be able to combine one of the enemy units with one of your own! Choose a unit to combine it with, or add it to your party as a new unit. You may have up to four units.

* Prev / Next: WASD / Arrow keys / "< PREV" and "NEXT >" on-screen buttons / Left joystick / D-pad
* Confirm: Return / Space bar / "COMBINE" on-screen button / A button

## Cutscenes

After that, you'll get to read a visual novel-style cutscene! Enjoy!

## Credits Created by:
* @Ida Iyes (framework/tooling developer, misc. stuff)
* @Seldom (programming)
* @Boxy (programming, story/cutscene writing, art)
* @nokiaCivic (music and sound effects)
* @P4r4d0x1c (character artworks)
* @ValorZard (story, art, misc. stuff)

Thanks for playing!

## License

This game, including its source code and assets, is dual-licensed under Apache 2 / MIT.

Feel free to pick apart the source on [GitHub](https://github.com/BroovyJammy/gaem)


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linux.zip 11 MB
mac.zip 11 MB

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